It’s a gut wrenching feeling.

  The feeling that you get down in the bottom of your heart that the one that you are completely in love with, no longer loves you. You sit around and you wait for them to talk to you and sure it happens, but barely any. As you say “I love you so much.” a murmured “Love you too..” come out and it rips you apart but you strive to hear it. Your heart steadily yearns for this one person. But what are you to them?

  Sleepless nights and exhausted days clenching to life by caffeine and hope, pathetic hope. My brain is pounding against my head but I can feel no heartbeat. I pray on my knees to hopefully see you one time, once a month, that’s normal. Who knew 10 minutes was such a long distance and yet I suffer from dense heavy anxiety that sends me in a downward spiral every night. “If he’s not trying then why the fuck should you?” because i’m helplessly in love. “He treats you like shit.” I get from all of the cheating untrustworthy women of our generation…

  The physical feel is as if someone tied your heart to the back of a horse and told it to take off. It takes my breath away. A constant lump stuck in your throat making it hard to eat, sleep, and hold yourself together. No one has understood nor listened to me without hearing a “okay chill out, quit being dramatic.” I hate walking on eggshells, my feet are starting to wither, but it is numb. My body is numb.

I just want you to love me, like i love you;

live for me, like i live for you.

I’m not crazy. I just need someone. I’m neglected like a caged animal.




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sometimes i just get upset because im not the person i want to be and i think about my future and it clouds my head with negative thoughts about how im not going to be important

Real talk



This time last year I was unemployed, broke, and suicidal.

Today, I just got the keys to my first house.

Give it time.

every time I see this, I reblog it.


tbh the only reason i know how to read a clock is so i can figure out when we get out of class



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